Couples Therapy

I support couples in learning how to listen and communicate in honest and effective ways that foster deeper connection, intimacy, and healing. Whether you and your partner are navigating intimacy issues, infidelity, unfulfillment, doubt or something else understanding yourselves and each other is crucial for moving forward in a meaningful way. My approach aims to helps couples learn how to be there for one another in a way that feels good to BOTH of you, rather than one partner getting their needs met at the expense of the other. Healthy relationships are NOT defined by having no issues/fights but rather by learning how to have honest conversion that foster understanding rather than shame, blame or avoidance. I will help each of you learn how how to really listen and understand what you partner is needing,  how to track and advocate for your own needs, and stay present in difficult conversations.


  Couples I work with:

  • Communication Skills

  • Multicultural Issues

  • Infidelity

  • Sex and Intimacy

  • Conflict Avoidant

  • Co-dependancy


  • Substance Abuse

  • Parrenting

  • Trauma

How I work:

I have an integrative approach that utilizes multiple modalities: Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), Psychobiological approach (PACT), AEDP, IFS, Systems theory, and Psychodynamic work. My integrative approach will help you to authentically navigate obstacles in a way that feels good to both of you, deepen intimacy and trust, and be in relationship with passion.

While tradition couples therapy focuses on solutions research has show this approach is limiting and short lasting. Rather than focus on content of arguments, which most couples already know how to do quite well, I focus on whats underneath the content in the hidden currents that consciously and unconciously drive conflict or lack of conflict. Focusing on the undercounts and the "how you fight" rather then the content of "why you fight" we will  illuminate the blind spots, fears, and old relational wounding, that keep you stuck cycling in relational impasses.  

I help couples understand each others attachment styles which is like having the manual to how your partner operates. Knowing each others "operation manual"  will build understanding and give you a map of how to take care of each other when things are stressful, rather than push each others buttons or avoid the issue. Having the “map” of how you each of you operate will deepen empathy and connection, develop effective communication and healthy conflict, and strengthened love and passion for one another.