White Male Resilience — Anti-racism-sexism & toxic-masculinity.


This five weak introductory course is an experiential group for white males. This group explores the interface of both toxic masculinity and white supremacy. We explore how these two systems impact us—prevent us from having connected and meaningful relationships with our self and others and are capacity to stay open, honest, humble, and strong in difficult conversation about racism. This group puts relationship at the center of this work. We can not do this work unless we are connected to our self an others. This group takes on an experimental and relational model that explores interpersonal relationship as well as your own unique context which affects how you show up especially when conversations become uncomfortable and stressful.

Expect to learn skills to deepen your capacity to stay connected to yourself and others in difficult conversation. Identify for triggers and learn how to tend to them so you can be more resilient and grounded. By building a more intimate connected relationship with yourself and all your parts (strong, scared, fragile, creative, wise, etc) we can then show up more present for others and do the work necessary to break down barriers that separate us from POC, LGBTQ, women, and non-binary folks. We are all needed to show up in this time, to listen and understand one another and it practice and commitment to do so. This is one way you can start to change yourself and your community. Come support each other and build resilience together.

Learn How to…

  • Effective listening and communication skills.

  • Build resilience: around defensiveness, fragility, and emotional dysregulation

  • Understand your conflict history and how that affects how you show up or don’t in difficult conversations.

  • Understand impact vs. intent

  • Identify your triggers

  • Stay connected to self and others when discomfort arises.

  • Identify ruptures and how to repair them.

  • Learn how regulate your Nervous System.


  • Meet 5 times once a week in the evening 2 hours (usually Sunday 6:30p-8:30p)

  • Commitment to all 5 meetings

  • Small group = 4 - 6 people

  • Fee scale: $375 - $500 — 60% of fee’s donated to local anti-oppression organizations.

  • Dates TBD