White people showing up for Racial Justice  


This five week introductory course is an experiential group for white people to identify and unravel the different ways white supremacy impacts us and keep us from having open and honest dialogue about racism. In this group we will explore how your personal context   unconsciously influences how you show up in uncomfortable conversation. We will explore how your contacts blocks you from staying connected to self and others. A large part of our work as white people is to learn how to keep ourselves from become defensive, fragile, frozen, and controlling when talking about races. This course aims to explore and support you in learning how to "staying present" when your uncomfortable, through experiential and mindful practices. 


Learn How to…

  • Specific listening and communication skills.
  • Stay connected to self and others when discomfort arises.
  • Understand your conflict history and how that impacts how you show up in conversations.
  • Understand dynamics of impact vs. intent.
  • Identify how we shut down dialogue.
  • Identify ruptures and how to repair them.
  • Learn how regulate your Nervous System.
  • Skillful listen and when someone else is triggered.
  • Build Tracking skills.


  • Meet 5 times once a week in the evening 2 hours (usually 6:30-8:30)
  • Commitment to all 5 meetings
  • Small group = 4 - 6 people
  • Fee $300 - $500 
  • Dates: TBD